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Home Inspection

We perform the home inspection according to the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) Standard of Practice, which may be reviewed at The report will review the condition of the grounds around the home, decks/porches/patios, the roof & attic, the exterior of the home, the structure of the home (where visible), plumbing, electrical, HVAC system, the interior of the home, and the built-in appliances.  

New Home Inspection

The is the same as a regular home inspection, but cosmetic issues are a consideration. We bring blue tape to assist the client with the cosmetic issues.


1 Year Walkthrough Inspection

This is the same as a regular home inspection. It is highly advised to have these done since the builder is finished after their 1-year walkthrough.

Partial Inspection

Sometimes a client just wants one or two things checked. We can do that.

Radon Testing

We perform Radon testing on residential and commercial buildings.

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Our home inspection fees are based on the total size of the home (including outbuildings) and location.

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